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With a wealth of weapons, magic, armour and skill the fate of your gladiator rests in your mighty hands. Na deze reclamebreak gaat het spel weer verder. Both heroes knew in their heart Antares was not defeated, for both of them had seen his essence disappear, both had heard his mocking laughter in their ears. The Nameless fought Sandalphon to a standstill on the Arena sands before the Archangel, in frustration, returned to the Heavenly Plane.

Swords and Sandals 2 - Emperors Reign Hacked

In secret, the sorcerer Bargle made his way to the palace and saw for himself the inner struggle The Nameless faced. Pick up your weapon and fight for your life. This is a game based on the Roman gladiators. All of these weapons are unaffected statistics.

Swords and Sandals 3 Hacked

Een aantal van onze games op Speeleiland. Rumours spread of a dark presence under the vast mountains there, and it was there The Nameless himself would disappear. Here you can play a ton of fun unblocked games! The Line Rider Zada game is under the drawing, fun category.

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Dive into this version of the classic solitaire game. Extreme version of Pac-Man.

Het kan zijn dat je nog even moet wachten als de Toestaan knop niet onmiddellijk verschijnt. The Domino Block Multiplayer game is under the board game, domino, gamedistribution.

Using powerful magic, he convinced everyone he was indeed an Arena Champion and organised a battle with Nameless. Through a powerful spell, he created an evil mirror image version of The Nameless which represented all that was flawed in the heroic champion.

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Zo vergroot je je kansen om een nieuw arenagevecht te winnen. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Easter playaholics swords and Shabobble is a game where you collect Easter eggs. Antares had come alone, but within weeks, had amassed a larger and larger following of armour clad warriors and moving north through Brandor.

Based sandals on the user feedback we decided to release a new version of this Skill game. Niks aan Redelijk Leuk Erg leuk Super. Kongregate Swords and Sandals, post your thoughts on the. Je hebt nog geen spellen toegevoegd aan Mijn Spelletjes. The Golden Spider Solitaire On-Line game is under the board game, cards, mouse skill, solitaire, thinking category.

Bargle returned to his tower in the Cragenbach mountains to study. Through his many arena victories, The Nameless would rise in power and skill. Another remixed version of Line Rider.

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These stats may vary depending on your skill points. Swords - slashing weapons such as swords are truly the weapon of the gentleman.

Belgrave theorised that Antares had come to Doomtrek in order to use the Arena and its inexhaustible source of gladiators for nefarious purposes. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? If it is your destiny you will vanquish hundreds of rivals and become champion of all around you. Deze advertentie nu overslaan. They had been tracking him since his mysterious arrival from Eldor Hath several years before.

Swords and Sandals 2 - Emperors Reign Hacked

Je hebt vast Zwaarden en Sandalen I al wel gespeeld, love sms messages en kent misschien de principes van het spel nog wel. This is just a taste of the full game. Faster game-play and full-screen graphics.

It would be several years before he used his magics to send word to The Nameless, who had since wandered far and wide, exploring Tritonia for his own inscrutable purposes. Save up to ten gladiators and guide them to fame and fortune in the arena. The Gunblood Remastered game is under the android game, android only, blood, cowboy, gamedistribution.

At this same time, the sorcerer Bargle appeared in the Arena. The more souls under his thrall, the greater his own essence grew.

Gauntlets increase the distance you can shove your enemy, as well as contributing to your overall defence. Inside the scroll was a declaration of aid from the great sorcerer. This would not be the last time Bargle would meddle in the affairs of the realm, though his purposes always remained a mystery.

Bargle had devised a plan to negate and contain the skeletal army, but the sorcerer also knew Antares could negate his magic if confronted directly. If somehow the Emperor could be distracted by combat with a worthy foe, he could indeed be vulnerable. As Antares fell, his essence disappeared into a terrible black cloud and a darkness fell over Doomtrek, before disappearing into the ether. Breastplate convert a percentage of damage taken into energy, as well as contributing to your overall defence. Antares dismissed Nameless, warning him the time to choose would soon run out.

Champion Sprint is an action packed gladiator game set in the world of Brandor. Dit is een reclamebreak, je spel is nu gepauzeerd. It's time to wear your chic sandals and you definitely have try this makeover game.