Wwe Royal Rumble 2014

Instead, the Authority offered Lesnar a contract to face anyone else at WrestleMania. Bryan then attempted a suicide dive but Wyatt caught him and executed a Sister Abigail into the barricade. Five matches were contested at the event, including one in this pre-show.

John Cena won by last eliminating Ryback. Lock on Sandow, forcing him to submit.

After that was the annual Royal Rumble match. Batista won by last eliminating Roman Reigns to become a two-time Royal Rumble winner.

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan. In the first match on the pay-per-view portion of the show, Bray Wyatt faced Daniel Bryan. When the lights came back, the assailant s were nowhere to be found, and Rock had been driven through the English announce table, allowing Punk to get the winning pin.

Though already eliminated, Kane returned to ringside and pulled Punk over the top rope to eliminate him, then executed a chokeslam through a broadcast table on Punk. Before he could however, the Rock said he wanted to take the title from Punk and told McMahon to instead restart the match.

Royal Rumble (2014)

Lesnar then continued to attack Big Show with a chair after the match. Punk then challenged Cena for his contendership, which Cena accepted and defeated Punk. Dale Plummer and Nick Tylwalk of Canoe. The match ended when Bryan applied the No!

Antonio Cesaro c defeated The Miz. Randy Orton c defeated John Cena.

Promotional poster featuring The Rock. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During the match, Rock attempted to perform a Rock Bottom through the Spanish announce table on Punk, but the table collapsed beneath them. Show was unable to free himself in time and was counted out. Lesnar attacked Big Show before the match started, and then hit him with a chair.

However, the bout between Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt was highly praised by fans and critics.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Lock submission hold by biting Bryan's hand. Champion Antonio Cesaro def. During the match, Wyatt targeted Bryan's head, ramming it into the ring-post.

Batista won by last eliminating Roman Reigns. Articles with short description Articles with hCards.

In the main event, John Cena won the titular Royal Rumble match, making him the seventh multiple Rumble winner. After a few minutes of going back and forth, Cena then eliminated Ryback to win the Rumble, making him the fourth wrestler to win multiple Rumble matches as he won the match in as well. The event featured four professional wrestling matches and one pre-show match, two of which were for championships. Early in the match, the referee saw Bray's Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attempting to interfere, skype for acer netbook so he ejected them from ringside.

WWE Royal Rumble

During that match, The Wyatt Family interfered, causing the Shield to be disqualified and thus Bryan, Cena and Sheamus qualified for the Chamber match. Rock performed a Rock Bottom outside the ring, but Punk kicked out of a pin attempt.

International Business Times. The week after, he made the match a Last Man Standing Match.

When Ambrose tried to eliminate Reigns, Reigns retaliated by eliminating Ambrose, Rollins and Antonio Cesaro simultaneously, leaving himself, Punk, Sheamus and Batista as the final four. Wyatt managed to escape Bryan's Yes! After another Sister Abigail in the ring, Wyatt scored the pinfall victory.

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Royal Rumble

Fans took to social media to display their displeasure towards the event. From the back, Gunn entered the ring and delivered a Fame-Ass-er to Rhodes, to win the match and the titles for the Outlaws.

Shortly after, Cesaro won after landing the Neutralizer. The final four consisted of Ziggler, Sheamus, Cena and Ryback. During the match, Miz attempted a diving attack and injured his leg.