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When you report to the proper authorities and share your story, you somehow do your part in lessening scam cases. While the chance of getting your money back is slim, there is a possibility for your scammer to be jailed.

If you plan on sending thoughtful gifts to your special someone in Cebu, check out cebuconnections. You observe discrepancies between the appearance of the person in the profile photo and the physical characteristics he or she claims to have. On the other hand, there are those who end up being preys of scammers. The lucky ones successfully find their matches, build a happy family and have blissful lives. Just like in face-to-face dates, non vanilla dating sites singles try their best to look and sound good.

The more information you provide, the better the chances of catching the scammer. You should make the effort in reporting it. You can spot a scammer if they give you vague answers or avoid your questions. Always trust your gut and if something sounds wrong or too perfect, ask questions.

You have to provide all the necessary information about the scam, the scammer, and the details of your interaction. They always know what to say and when to say it. Targets of Scammers The elderly people are believed to be soft-hearted and eager to share their money in return for romantic love and attention. Avoiding Scammers As common sense tells us, prevention is in most cases preferable to remedy, so protecting yourself from scammers is vital.

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He or she wears a wedding ring in the profile photo but claims to be not married. There is a need for you to file an official complaint with the police or other appropriate law enforcement authorities in your country. Scammers are smart and patient. You help identify scammers and warn others about them.

The height and weight given in the profile are wildly disproportionate. The Internet is full of fraudsters and you have to learn how spot them. Some perpetrators feel that those who have low self-esteem are the most gullible.

When asked about the local landmarks or attractions, he or she is unfamiliar with them. The first thing you need to do is stop communicating with the scammer.

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