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As many of each as your computer can handle. The password field is case sensitive. It also added the Combinator, a special device that allowed users to build chains of other Reason devices inside of it to create a more complex instrument that was easier to control and manage. Reason is so direct you'll learn it in minutes. New samples are given a key group of one semitone each, without reference to root pitch, which is just fine for banging in loops and hits from your sample library.

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Please contact the manufacturer of your ReWire host of choice for compatibility information. Pros to make my music symple Cons to produce Summary i like this produc. After their elimination, The group were forced to change their name due to legal reasons when Canadian band The Reason filed a lawsuit against their name.

That situation is now history. You can always ask us at our facebook page or tweet us your question. Reason is a digital audio workstation for creating and editing music and audio developed by Swedish software developers Propellerhead Software. Check out the helpful notes, too.

Make music without technical distractions to break your flow. Graintable synthesis is neither granular nor wavetable synthesis but a combination of the best of both methods. You build your rack as you create your song, adding the instruments, sounds and effects your music needs.

The ReGroove mixer is not such a hit with me personally, though I can see how clever it is and appreciate that some will love it. Hit the Show Programmer button, though, and you'll find a compact but powerful semi-modular synthesizer. Summary The best keeps getting better. Such grouped data would previously have had to be created manually.

Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. Factory Music New devices mean a new Factory Refill, and all the old material is joined by tons of new sounds, from a host of Reason fanatics that includes some major names.

Note the individual automation lanes that have been expanded for the ReMix sequencer track. Audiomatic Retro Transformer.

Operationally, the changes to the sequencer are, now that we have them, long overdue and really help to streamline that side of the package. The Record name has been phased out altogether. Pros I have the paid version, didn't download this trial version. For once, total recall is truly total. This section's use of external links may not follow Wikipedia's policies or guidelines.


Reason, which combined solid-performing racks of software instruments and effects with mixing and sequencing, helped change that perception. The rack is the heart of Reason's creative flow. Drag and drop instruments and sounds, tweak anything you see on screen and save it all in a single document. Steps can be muted, and playback is one step each time Play is pressed, all steps in one go, or a looped playback. You can apply these to your tracks to make the rhythmic swing of sequencer patterns more organic.

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Four more busses work in the same way, except that the source is routed to two destinations, effectively doubling their effectiveness. Overall I'm very happy with it and don't feel I need to look at other products. We use cookies to improve your site experience. Reason's cables don't tangle. Changes have been made to the tool bar, making drawing data much easier than before, due in some part to differences in how that data is shown on screen.

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Sophisticated yet easy to use with multiple reverb models, including an advanced Impulse Response reverb. For recommended system specifications, please go here.

Record your knob and fader movements to create rich, automated mixes. It looks familiarly retro but hides a lot of clever ideas about how the desired result should be achieved. The Echo A multi-talented echo effect mixing the perfection of digital delay with the warmth and character of vintage tape echo units.

Not surprising, since most of its funky stuff is edited somewhere else! With Reason, akon new english songs picking up where you left off be it last night or last month it is as simple as turning the power on.

Analog instruments have their limitations and things they can't do. Grain Sample Manipulator Drop any sample into Grain and explore the expressive and abstract sound of granular synthesis. Pros The sequencer is finally usable Adjusting grooves with a mixer helps humanize rhythms Thor modular synth is a joy Fantastic-sounding package hides tremendous depth for those willing to explore.

Finally the ReGroove mixer was introduced, a device that added shuffle controls and more human-qualities to sequenced patterns. But anything much more sophisticated has always had to be offloaded to a bigger sequencer hosting Reason in some way. But even with similar features in other applications, Reason's implementation is uniquely powerful and accessible. Next best improvements are to the sequencer track lists.

Discography Controversy and criticism. Reason offers a rack of virtual instruments, effects, and pattern generators, alongside a sequencer and mixer. You don't need to buy big expensive hardware. Digital audio workstation.

Remember the floating tool window? Softube Guitar Amp Oozing with attitude and featuring a fistful of amp and cabinet models, this is one amp that will never let your down. Now you can see what I mean. As powerful, tweakable, and capable of helping you achieve your sonic goals as the rest of the rack is, Thor also goes several levels deeper. Sonically, the addition of Thor means that Reason really ups its game.

ReGroove mixer improved sequencer and usability changes

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Rex, however, can be ReGrooved. Please see the buy page for full purchase information.


All music, no distractions. Know the limitations of the product and use it for the limitless wonderful things it can do for you.

And forget the tedious process of gathering all the different disks and soundbanks needed to load up a song. It's an excellent product. The steps can be played forward, backward, at random or in two pendulum modes.