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The Fall's Gonna Kill You. Glass as an associate producer. Paul Redford served as a story editor throughout the first season.

The West Wing episodes Lists of American drama television series episodes. Margaret testifies before the committee investigating the leak, which has also served most current and former members of the Bartlet administration with subpoenas. Hall Krause Macdissi Machado F. Back at the White House, C. Massin became a co-producer.

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However, she noted that the merits of a particular argument may be obscured by the viewer's opinion of the character. Law and Mad Men for most won in this category. The West Wing won at least one Emmy in each of its seasons except the sixth.

Welcome to Wherever You Are. Four days after the Democratic convention, Josh begins to staff up the Santos campaign. It was necessary, especially with a fairly large cast of relatively unknown actors at the time needing to be introduced.

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The Santos campaign has gained ground on Vinick over the last few weeks, but with less than two months until the election it's not clear that the gap can be closed. Although Santos served decades in the military and remains in the reserves, Vinick still appears the stronger candidate on national security issues due to stereotypes about Republicans and Democrats. With Vinick ahead in the polls, he has no incentive to debate Santos and thus continues to drag his feet over negotiations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As a viewer, you end up feeling elated for Josh finally winning his campaign, getting together with Donna after seven long years, but also broken by the death of his mentor and father figure, Leo.

Jacobs is a caricature of radio personality Dr. Each episode of the podcast discusses an episode of The West Wing and has featured various cast and crew members from the series. We learn quickly that the President was shot but not seriously, while Josh is in a critical condition. In its first season, The West Wing attracted critical attention in the television community with a record nine Emmy wins. Jacobs appear to have come from an open letter to Dr.

Shortly after that, Josh encourages his own candidate in the form of fringe congressman, Matt Santos Jimmy Smits. Each of its seven seasons earned a nomination for the award. The show's legitimacy, political slant, and idealist representations of Washington, as well as its notable writing and film merits, have generated considerable discussion. In order to stop the investigation, in which authorities suspect Chief of Staff C. Debora Cahn was promoted to co-producer with the fourteenth episode.

Josh returns from being benched to save the day by, essentially, embarrassing the opposition into resolution. Bartlet faces no known opposition for renomination, though Minnesota Democratic Senator Howard Stackhouse launches a brief independent campaign for the presidency. Josh struggles with his return to work after the shooting, and a therapist is called in to investigate. The American Presidency as Television Drama. The West Wing Script Book.

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Lauren Schmidt filled the staff writer role. We learn more about his alcoholism and how it affected the early days of the campaign, as well as his friendship with the President.

Emmy Nominees Then and Now. In its first season, The West Wing garnered nine Emmys, a record for most won by a series in its first season.

Take a break from it all and leave some of the main characters stranded in rural Indiana. The fourth episode saw the departure of original crew member Llewellyn Wells. The Crackpots and These Women.

Allison Janney is the record holder for most wins by a cast member, with a total of four Emmys. This episode ably captured the bittersweetness of it all.

Andrew Stearn came aboard as a producer and Attie was promoted to producer. The series ends with Bartlet returning to New Hampshire. The third season saw the departure of Parnell, Caddell, and Herlocker and the temporary absence of O'Donnell. The scandal centers around President Bartlet's nondisclosure of his illness to the electorate during the election.

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In the sixth and seventh seasons, The West Wing explores a leak of top-secret information by a senior staffer at the White House. This is seen to be a key factor in Vinick's narrow defeat in the election by Democratic nominee Congressman Matt Santos. Initially, Vinick wants Butler to become his running mate. The script showing Santos winning was written long before the death of John Spencer.

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The campaign for the Democratic nomination is extensively addressed. While several real-world leaders exist in the show's universe, most foreign countries depicted or referred to on the show have fictional rulers. For the section of the White House for which the show is named, see West Wing.

Co-executive producer Kevin Falls also left the show. In reality, the Clinton Administration did not intervene in Rwanda. San Andreo is a fictional California city. For better or worse, ts timeliness never fades. Cleveland left the production team and Redford and O'Donnell were promoted to co-producer.

This storyline has similarities to the real-world U. Despite vigorous campaigning, the Santos campaign still struggles to articulate its message and keep the focus on domestic issues rather than gossip and trivia. Hall Helgenberger Petersen Szmanda.

With the sixth season Misiano and Graves were promoted to executive producers. Fictional Presidents who are shown to have served between Nixon and Bartlet include one-term Democrat D. Cregg, Toby Ziegler admits to leaking the information, and the President is forced to dismiss him. However, by exploring many of the same issues facing the Bush administration from a Democratic point of view, the show continued to appeal to a broad audience of both Democrats and Republicans.

Tags nbc the west wing aaron sorkin. The West Wing is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential television series. The West Wing was always careful to avoid actual political issues, tbw42 happy to exist in its own parallel universe. Glass left the production team after only five episodes. Most episodes follow President Bartlet and his staff through particular legislative or political issues.

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However, Bartlet's screen time gradually increased, and his role expanded as the series progressed. Lawrence O'Donnell worked as executive story editor for the second half of the season.