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He introduces himself as Rahmin of the Caatati. And you won't need to keep things bottled up inside anymore. Then she must endure the ordeal of being struck by twenty painstiks and finally, she must defeat a master of the. Janeway orders an on-screen reply to the hail. Torres sees this as yet another blow.

The producers wanted to hire an actress who could portray B'Elanna's inner struggle between her human and Klingon halves. This is in reference to B'Elanna saying they didn't win at the end of the race and Tom telling her that depends on how she answers his proposal of marriage. Dawson believed the episode had many layers to it, and she believed it was essentially a coming-of-age story for B'Elanna and her final acceptance of her Klingon heritage. She discovers that because of the dishonor B'Elanna has caused her family, her mother would spend eternity's in Grethor.

Replicating those and beaming them out, somehow managing to attach them in the process seems a lot more complicated than doing it in Voyager's cargo bay. However, she used the episode to learn more about her character, and it became one of her favorite episodes. Their planet was assimilated and they were forced to flee with nothing.

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Torres later began a relationship with Paris after a complicated and stormy courtship. During the fifth season, Dawson had a meeting with the producers and writers to discuss her character. She talks about it with Lt. He leaves with a gentle urging to reconsider their dinner date, as Chakotay enters.

But her voice is shaky and uncertain, nothing like a hardened Klingon warrior. When she confronted him, she bitterly told him to leave. After Seven again assures her that she will not again try to contact the Borg, Janeway reveals that she has decided to trust her by not having security in engineering while she is there. This is proven by the cargo containers tethered behind the ship in lieu of cans. She asked the producers and makeup artist Michael Westmore if they could perhaps make her more attractive and tone down the Klingon makeup.

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Torres, barely containing her disgust, is only too happy to dismiss her. His entire civilization, millions of people, once proud and accomplished, was completely destroyed. He tells her that he makes it a point to know about the race-specific traditions of the crew members. Janeway and the bridge officers are greatly moved by the horror he has just described.

In fact, it would have been the first order of business for Voyager to retrieve them. No warp drive does not mean they have no impulse capability at all or that Voyager would not have come to them. After Roxann Dawson read for the role, she became the first of the Voyager actors to be cast. Shortly after becoming chief engineer, echipa de interventie dublat in romana online dating Torres disobeys the captain's orders when Voyager encounters a race known as the Sikarians.

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Torres disengaged the centrifugal governor, which caused Byrd to spin so fast that he almost flew apart. Neelix tells her at least she can then use him to give voice to her anger as she obviously needs it. Eventually, Vorik and Torres engaged in ritual battle to purge the blood fever. She offers him any help that she and her crew can give.

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We know they are not still drifting in space from the race because their uniforms have changed and they are drinking champagne. Neelix approaches her quietly, looking to cheer her up. Torres however, is even less inclined now to perform the ritual than before.

Over the first few months, Torres began respecting the captain and her decisions based on Janeway's strong leadership and their shared interest in science. This insult angered Torres so much until one day during recess she attacked Byrd while he was on the gyro-swing. She warns him she may have to cancel the date and appears to be in a very testy mood. She strongly dislikes Seven, finding her arrogant and rude.