Thamizh Padam

Shiva, the universal cop, has left the police department and has returned to his hometown of Cinemapatti. Four friends, Jaga, Ganesh, Ajay and Vishwas are motoring to a cricket game. Shiva also goes there to find her, and they reunite in Central Park. The parodied version is named Kuppuswamy.

Jai, Melanie Marie, Piaa Bajpai. King of the Monsters Debate.

Friendship, love, and rivalry spice up the game of street cricket in the suburb of Chennai whose zip code give this movie its name. In the same sequence, he tries to imitate Anniyan's voice with no success.

Thamizh Padam

Thirumalai - Similar to Vijay from the film, Siva is seen playing carrom with his friends. Audible Download Audio Books. This is the thing which made these kind of directors to make such a crappy movies.

Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket. Shiva also kills P and is arrested. Twilight - Manobala's character.

Shiva the Universal cop has left the police department and has returned to his home town Cinemapatti. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. He comes to know that P has fixed the bomb such that if the bus is driven less or more than five kilometers per hour, it will explode.

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He wants to be big in life but he falls in love with Priya Disha Pandey who is the daughter of a big millionaire in the city. He is saved, however, when a man who had helped him in Cinemapatti earlier testifies that Shiva was a victim of circumstance.

The film also pokes fun at holding press conferences to announce undercover operations. Shiva is then challenged by Priya's rich and powerful father Kodeeswaran, who refuses to give his daughter to a poor man. One reassembly in the film.

Trivia This movie was a big change around success in Shiva's Carrier playing in lead role. The killer, however, is targeting his nemesis next.

Tamizh Padam 2

Edit Storyline Shiva the Universal cop has left the police department and has returned to his home town Cinemapatti. Bharathamuni, another dancer whose dance was divine, wanted to do a dance-off with Piyaar. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. The running time close to two-and-a-half hours is too much, and a number of jokes fall flat. Chinna Gounder - One of the film's promotional posters is based on this film.

Abhinayashree, Ajmal Ameer, Anandraj. He proposes to her the next minute when he sees her. The film was later remade in Telugu as Sudigadu starring Allari Naresh.

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He is brought back in to resolve a crisis. Gunasingam, a family-loving farmer who hails from a small town, tries his best to keep his big family united despite him being misunderstood by many. Remo - The character played by Santhana Bharathi disguises himself as a nurse as does the hero of this film, leading to a similar proposal scene. This version shows male infanticide instead of female infanticide. She reciprocates his feelings, and the two start a relationship.

Tamizh Padam 2

In the Indian village of Cinemapatti, male infanticide is predominant, and all male babies are required to be killed immediately after birth. She explains that she did it to increase the fame of her grandson, and a heartbroken Shiva is forced to arrest her. Delhi Ganesh reprises his role as the villain. Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam. Shiva, Disha Pandey, Venniradai Moorthy.

Meanwhile, Shiva is finding a girl to marry on his grandmother's request. His conditions for a girl are that he wants a loosu ponnu a bubbly but crazy girl. He decides to, but Ramya has left for America.

Tamizh Padam Directed by C. While the film is a laugh riot, virtual dj player software it lacks the freshness Tamizh Padam had.

After discovering that an asteroid the size of a city is going to impact Earth in less than a month, India recruits a misfit team to save the country. Shiva then discovers that there was someone in the department who is informing P about their ideas. However, lack of freshness can reduce this franchise to a formula too. But there lies the twist, because of a single phone call.

Sashikanth Chakravarthy Ramachandra. This film made me laugh like a hyena. Kannan, who earlier composed for the director's previous ventures. The film would feature Shiva reprising the lead role, while S.

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