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How does the movies of the two gives a box office hit? The neutral fans rushing to his movie with their family is more in number. The theme is based on the friendship between Karna and Duryodhana of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.

An exasperated Devaraj soon perceives Ramana's felony, realises Surya's cause was genuine and bails him out. Mammooty's character Deva was the equivalent of Duryodhana, while Rajinikanth played Surya, the equivalent of Karna. It was Mammootty who suggested Jayaram to Ratnam.

And even when he does people would say that he copies Ajith and is just following what he did. Regretful Kalyani, though, eventually finds Surya and meets him. They both go meet Arjun, who is now aware of who Surya is because mother has revealed it to him. Devaraj, as an outcome of this, decides to surrender. Surya asks Jaishankar to promise not to let his mother know of him as it would pain her to know that her son has grown to be a vigilante.

Padma, however, confesses that she is constantly troubled by the men surrounding her with dishonourable intentions, who concoct reasons to make advances towards her. Enraged, Surya avenges Devaraj by killing Kalivardhan and surrenders to the police, but is released due to lack of evidence. Devaraj, understanding the pain a widow and a single mother bears, shelters them.

Thalapathy Thalapathy Song Lyrics From Thalaivaa

For the Indian actor referred to by the same name, see Vijay actor. After the abandonment of her first offspring, she wed a man Jaishankar who accepted her, despite knowing her past. Whereas it is entirely different in the case of Vijay. Theatrical release poster. The hit movies of both with the movies categorised into mega hit, super hit, hit, average and flop.

The hit rating of the movie may vary from person to person depending on one how look the movie. Thus, Surya and Devaraj get to understand each other as both share similar social ideologies despite getting off on the wrong foot.

She abandons him, heavy-hearted, placing him inside a moving goods train, which a slum dweller finds. His attempts to chain them are futile. However, he fails because her father, an Orthodox priest, was uninterested in having her married to Surya, an orphan. He wants to end violence by lawful means. He grows up, intolerant of injustice especially to the poor, though he wonders why his biological mother had impetuously abandoned him.

Vijay vs Ajith ThalaThalapathy

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He wanted something that Rajinikanth could not say no to and something that Ratnam really wanted to do. Ramana, an auxiliary of Devaraj's, whose abusive demeanour led Surya to attack him, succumbs to his death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ratnam had met him twice because he had expressed interest in working with him, although Ratnam did not have anything for him then.

Arjun turns to target Devaraj and Surya as they inflict violence, in the name of fighting organised crime. Meanwhile with the highest number of fans, his movie collects the amount that was spent on it within three weeks in the box office.

The score and soundtrack of the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Devaraj, considering Padma and her daughter's safety and Surya's future, requests both of them to accept each other. Both of them continue objecting to societal incongruencies, which other dons, like Kalivardhan, uc browser 9apps incite through moles in governance. Devaraj tries to get an alliance between Subbalakshmi and Surya. He wanted something right for both himself and Rajinikanth.

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Thalapathy Thalapathy Song Lyrics From Thalaivaa

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Meanwhile, Padma, Ramana's widow, makes Surya feel guilty for the sufferings he brought her by killing Ramana. Meanwhile, Surya gets wooed by a Brahmin girl, Subbalakshmi who is smitten by his transparent nature, restraining crimes.

Arjun is the second son of Kalyani, now a doctor. Arjun is later transferred and relocates to another city with Subbalakshmi, while Kalyani prefers staying with Surya.

Jaishankar secretly meets Surya and reveals the truth of his origin to him. The crowd gets less in number within four to five weeks. Her marriage subsequently gets arranged with Arjun. Jaishankar, too, indicates that Surya was actually Kalyani's long lost son during a suspect identification.

The film, which features the last collaboration of Mani Ratnam and Ilaiyaraaja, was dubbed and released in Telugu and in Hindi as Dalapathi. Surya gets apprehended for this. Surya vows that he will not harm Arjun for her sake. Even Vijay has about more than a crore fans, among them three fourth watch his movie on the first day of the release. Devaraj, a powerful don who is kind yet feared by most in the society, also fights injustice, but by violent means.

But the following is the true status of the hit rating. Accolades Filmography Madras Talkies.

Suddenly, Kalivardhan's men retaliate, and during the fight, Devaraj is killed. Of no doubt on the release day there is a guaranteed flow of crowd rushing!