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The movie has a lot of surprises in the second half which make the audience sit at the edge of their seats. Ragada is a wholesome family entertainer with foot tapping music and reel load of surprises.

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Ragada Review

It is revealed that Ashthalakshmi doesn't have money, Sirisha and Ashtalakmi are friends, and Ashtalakshmi is the same tattooed girl from the pub. With Satya and Sirisha meeting quite often, there is attraction and romance between them. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. She moved her butt with a rocket speed and set the screen ablaze with her movements.

Raghubabu is cliched and yawn inducing. Ashtalakshmi also loves Satya.

The movie is a mass film that is feast to fans with absolute commercial elements like several fights and six songs, mail themes that has always been a success in Telugu cinema. Telugu Movie review - Ragada. First half of the movie adequate. Anushkha and Priyamani don't have much to do in the movie and are seen dancing more than acting in this film.

There are half a dozen villains in this action flick and all of them gave whistle worthy performance. Every fight is followed by a comedy scene or a song which makes the movie click.

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Sirisha meets a tattooed friend in pub which Satya notices. The story takes an interesting turn when Ashtalakshmi, Priyamani a bramhin girl requests Satya to help her family from Peddhanna.

Infact, every ten minutes in the movie has a fight scene. He sends his men to his hometown Kadapa to find out the whereabouts of his family. Satya kills Peddhanna, saves the hospital, and takes his revenge. He joins the local don and does an efficient work. Artists Performance I would sound repetitive if I say Nagarjuna is gorgeous in this movie as he has been the same for the past one decade.

Other popular actors who were roped in for Ragada are Pradeep Singh Rawat. For Tollywood glam's not enough. He looks a million bucks in every shot.

Nagarjuna Akkineni Anushka Shetty Priyamani. Satya kills Nanda and returns to India. Charmme sizzled in Meesamunna Manmadhuda song. As Sirisha and Ashta Lakshmi vie for the attention of Satya, he looks out for more money making opportunities. His comic timing with Bramhanandam is perfectly entetaining.

Rating 0 / 5.0

Comic scenes with Bramhy and Bharath come as a great relief in between innumerable fights. Satya enters on cue and beats up Devender's Sathya Prakash men. Despite several glitches, the movie doesn't bore because of perfect screenplay.

Fights composed by Vijay are stylish. Thank you for submitting your review. Satya only works for money. Anushka is glittering with sensuousness in this movie and she has put a bit of weight compared to Arundhati time.

Charmee who lost oodles of weight looked smashing in the item number. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is smooth. Satya goes to Bhagavan's house and kills him and his son, which makes Peddanna his enemy. You can change your city from here.

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In a restaurant during lunch with Sirisha and Ashtalakshmi, Satya is attacked by Bhagavan's henchmen. However, it has become highly formulaic for heroes to join mafia with a personal agenda in most of the mass movies. Enough recognition should be given to color grading and visual effects.

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He is actually here to kill Nanda as Satya knew Ashtalakshmi's brother will follow Nanda to get his share of money. Thaman Indian action films Films about revenge Films featuring an item number. Veeru Potla who made his debut as director with an entertainer like Bindaas made sure that there is ample entertainment in this script as well.

Satya reveals to them that he knew about their plan from the start and that he has the Crores. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Dialogues by Veeru Potla are a plus. Infact a few dialogues and scenes in the movie revolve around the topic of Nag's handsome personality. Then he finds out that Ashtalakshmi is not who she says she is, and actually robbed crores from Peddanna with the help of her brother.

Three songs are worth listening to in this album. Nagarjuna added Rayalaseema words in his dialogue delivery and it adds good flavor. The dialogues are not competent enough to make you feel the emotion in the scene.

The costumes were splendid and appealed to the star cast's body language. Peformances Nagarjuna looks stunning and is every man's envy.

Ragada Full Movie Telugu