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Fortunately, certain major events do pop-up automatically, so you won't miss any important diplomatic offers or demands. In the management mode, the game screen represents a map of the galaxy. In addition to the five major races in the game, there are a swarm of minor races that you can encounter and deal with. Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all.

The empires then take turns moving ships, engaging in diplomacy, research, building and intelligence operations, and fighting. An empire's upgraded strike cruiser is arguably their most powerful ship in the game. Even the intro screens, which are well conceived, are unbelievably grainy and prone to glitchiness. They all are short range ships.

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In either instance, heavy combat will be required. You'll also need to select the size and shape of the galaxy you'll be playing in. All warship type ships have an upgraded version.

The Romulan D'deridex -class Warbird can cloak. First contacts are excellent opportunities to increase their profit by making deals that are favorable to themselves. You will see a sympathy meter when you first contact a minor race, and from that point onward, in your Diplomacy Screen database under that race's record.

Colony ships terraform and colonize uninhabited planets. The single thread that runs through these five races, however, is the requirement for substantial combat prowess as a means to their ends, whether it be forced or initiated in nature.

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Should the subjugated race become angry enough, civil unrest will result, such as a general strike and no industrial production. All destroyers have an upgraded version with the exception of the Federation Defiant -class.

Races that have high opinions of your empire make diplomacy much easier and cheaper and lessen the expense and need for conquest. The current Grand Nagus oversees the Alliance from the homeworld of Ferenginar. The Cardassians gain a great deal of productivity that other races are unable to do to races they have subjugated. The Cardassian people, however, were once a spiritual culture, deeply interested in peace. This is where you build, colonize, allocate research, engage in diplomacy and intelligence, and move your ships.

Troop transports are used to capture enemy worlds, build outposts and upgrade outposts to starbases. This game is a must have to any Star Trek fans. If you want to excel in ferocious and deadly combat from the start, i games select the Klingon race. My mate James and I were calling every video game shop in my city but all copies were sold out as trekies were all racing to get this game.

Star Trek Birth of the Federation - IGN

Voyager unless they appeared on The Next Generation. Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits.

Some opponents they recognize as honorable, others they consider treacherous. Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers.

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The Federation's organization for interstellar exploration and defense is Starfleet Command. Each of these minor races responds differently to threats and cajoling, and a good part of the game is trying to figure out the best way to motivate them. Winning the game in an alliance with a rival empire is also possible. If you choose to attack then the tactical combat mode appears. Worse still, when you order a ship to move, you see no route path, but rather a green dot on the intended destination.

Most races have more than one warship class, a lighter, faster, cheaper warship Federation Ambassador -class and a larger, slower, more expensive heavy warship Federation Galaxy-X -class. In diplomacy, the Federation's credits are extremely effective in establishing treaties. Now that spiritual past is no longer acknowledged in a society that focuses on the military order, discipline and conquest.

Particularly impressive is the structure of the game world itself. These ships usually make up the backbone of fleets and are generally well rounded combatants. The micro-management is a double-edged sword. Sound effects are straight from the show as well.

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The one aspect of the game that I couldn't really find any major fault with was the sound, which consisted of several nice racial themes and a load of canned Star Trek effects. As it is, Birth of the Federation is nothing more than a frustrating copy of earlier turn based strategy games that doesn't work like it's supposed to. You brought homeworld cataclysm to us, you can bring birth of the federation. That's why I was so excited about getting my hands on Microprose's newest turn based strategy title, Birth of the Federation.

STAR TREK Birth Of The Federation