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50 songs for 50 states

It is about the bugler that awake the soldiers for their daily duties. It is most associated with the American Revolutionary War.

Independence Day

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John Brown had been a religious fanatic with intense feelings for abolition. It was an release during the Vietnam War. In America - Charlie Daniels Band.

The song has been used by American politicians in their campaigns. It was James Brown's, the Godfather of Soul, last huge hit.

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In John Phillip Sousa composed the march. Yes, he is the father of Miley Cyrus. The song was written in during The Great Depression. The song was a massive hit. This song was an answer to those critical of the war effort in Vietnam.

It is now used as the song to announce the Vice President of the United States. It was inspired by his returning to the U. What scars, emotional and physical, did he carry for the rest of his life?

For many years, Armstrong opened every public appearance with this track. Marine Regiment training in Afghanistan. And, oh yes, monella also getting the girl along the way.

Confederate dead at Antietam. The song praises American values and family. This is the title track from his debut album.

United States holidays Road trips Loretta Lynn. Drayton For more on this photo visit commoms. The Stars And Stripes Forever. It was sung be Andy Williams at the funeral of Robert Kennedy.

Song to announce the President of the United States. The music video shows the diversity of the American people.

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It has been covered by a number of artists. To see more of the fort visit the above sites. This is a Motown classic from the Vietnam era but was not about the war. Late nineteen fifties song penned by Chuck Barry. It was released as a single in and was a huge hit.

There are references to the values and lifestyle found in the small American town. The song gives credit to those who gave their lives in defense of America and it's values. Maryland Army National Guard For more on this photo visit en. It was a hit for him on the Country music charts.

It has been covered by several artist. It is not a march honoring a military post but rather one composed for the Washington Post newspaper. Edwards was disgraced by an indictment on financial wrong doing and by a sex scandal while his wife was dying from cancer. The circumstances and location of his son's death are not in the song.

50 songs for 50 states

She is near the top of the blog. This song goes on to explain her brother, father and grandfather had all served the country. Public domain photo from the U. He did have much to do with how the songs was used as a march. It deals with the importance of support of family and loved ones for the soldier.

It was the most successful of the pro Indo-China involvement songs. The list includes songs who's origins reach back before the birth of the nation. This list is for the person who is interested in patriotic songs. The tune was popular during the war mostly with U. Scroll down to see it all.

Opens with one of the most rip-roaring guitar riffs ever. It was a crossover to Pop and Rock.

This song of the War of is a primary source. Union soldier Harvey Holmes. The song was included in a musical by Cohan called George Washington Jr.