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That is perfectly understandable given her circumstances. They are perfect together with an energy that sets them apart from anyone else on the roster today. He's still very much involved, so it's not the end of Michael Hayes. Just like her roommate and Absolution teammate Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville is also single and available. The couple always seemed to be embroiled in some sort of controversy.

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Champion Tyler Bate based on social media posts and pictures of them together at parties. Not much is known about how long Brooke and McCarver had been a couple, but it will understandably take Dana Brooke quite some time to get over the tragic passing of her boyfriend. For now, Dana Brooke has been used as a part of Titus Worldwide. We will likely get a closer look into their personal lives as Lana has joined the cast of the E! Meanwhile, Morgan's career has been on the upswing as part of the SmackDown Live women's roster.

Maryse was paired with Ted DiBiase and the two had zero chemistry, sinking her managing career at the time. There still hasn't been a confirmed wedding date nearly a year later, but it is believed to take place some time this year.

Paige doesn't seem to remain single for long. Cena is by far the biggest star in the industry and his relationship with Nikki created news stories in the wrestling world.

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Just last month, Paige posted a photo of the two sitting courtside at an Orlando Magic game. James is older and much wiser now, as she seems to be enjoying her family life with Magnus. The real life romance of Lana and Rusev is expected to be a major factor of the upcoming season with their wedding being filmed for the show. That was a few years ago, however, and it appears as though things have changed quite a bit for Mandy Rose. Wrestlers live a very unique life on the road and spend the majority of their time away from home.

Since that time, the couple has been through a few ups and downs but their relationship has still persisted. When Dykstra found out and ended the relationship altogether, James was left alone as Cena did not want a long-term relationship with her.

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Still, relationships within the business are a common thing and it makes sense when you really think about it. Mendes eliminated Natalya and Summer Rae before being eliminated by Emma.

Others are dating wrestlers that work for different promotions. It is impossible to meet people in everyday life and relationships are formed with those you spend the most time with. Their relationship can't very easy in terms of traveling together, like many other relationships on the list, but they live the same passion thus making them both understand what the other lives.

Nevertheless, that makes her stand out even more and allow her wrestling ability to speak for itself. It's become increasingly difficult for wrestlers to stay private in an era of social media and when kayfabe is essentially non-existent, but Riott seems to have found the approach that works for her.

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She's been a true friend for so many years. Things worked out so well for the couple that E! She was understandably devastated by the sudden passing of her boyfriend, who was a bodybuilder. Moreover, there have been no posts or indications that would suggest that Deville is seeing someone at the moment.

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Beyond that, the rest continues to remain a mystery. The posts first started during the holiday season, such as the one shown above.

The two may not work on the same shows but they are still dating. She is dating independent wrestler Aaron Solow. Cass and Carmella began dating at some point while working and traveling together, developing chemistry on and off screen. Nikki Bella and John Cena had been dating for several years, was kann man machen wenn man single ist and have even been living together for some time.

If your friendship is strong enough to withstand obstacles, then I feel that those obstacles will bring you closer together. Even though Rusev and Lana are never seen on screen together, we do get to see parts of their seemingly happy life together on Total Divas.