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Road Rash 2

The player can select any bike, length of track or weapon they wish. It is similar in play to Final Lap, but with motorcycles instead of race cars.

Road Rash 2 Free Download For PC

Don't just dream it - live it, with the long-awaited sequel to Road Rash from Electronic Arts! Save up for the right bike for you instead of blowing your dough on the first new bike you can get. However, the game had flaws as well. For the fastest - and roughest - ride on two wheels, hop on one of these bullet-bikes. Click on the below button to start Road Rash Free Download.

Road Rash (Windows) Game Download

Road Rash 2 Free Download For PC


You have five new weapons that you can beg, borrow or steal to try to make your opponents kiss the pavement, including the all-new cattle prod. Winning or placing in races can net different sums of money and lets you move through the ranks to harder races worth more money. With nitro bikes the action runs faster, scaling has improved, you can now use chains as weapons, there are more cops and hills, and the wipe-outs are truly spectacular. Pull alongside one of your challengers and continually slug him until he's a crumpled heap in your exhaust fumes. You can either ride clean by racing well or play dirty and take out your opponents with weapons or your bare hands.

Game Review

If you've got a twitch in your clutch, a need for speed, a thrill for spills, then you've probably got a healthy dose of Road Rash. Jump over wrecks and fallen bikers. Finish in the top third on each track and you advance to the longer, and more treacherous, upper levels. Do you have the guts and skills to win on the Motocross Championship circuit?

Watch out for nasty players carrying spiked bats and chains. The bike will also suffer damage that you will have to repair. This game features arcade-like gameplay and is not intended to be a motorcycle simulation.

Upgrade kits will keep you in the race when you can't afford to buy a new bike. Winning races nets the prize money you need to upgrade your bike into an even meaner machine. You can buy upgrades, like tires, suspension, performance and protection kits. There really isn't that much difference from the first. Your bike will be wrecked if you crash too many times, and you have to pay for damages, but the amount you have to pay depends on the bike that you are riding.

Road Rash game is the best road racing game. As in the original, you hop on a bike and try to outrace a pack of fellow road warriors. Road Rash is a violent motorcycle racing video game developed and published by Electronic Arts released initially in for Sega Genesis, kmplayer latest skins then ported to Amiga and other platforms.

You can also take turns on the full screen to see who nets the best time and finish. Should you get knocked off your bike you have to run on foot to retrieve it. The long awaited sequel to Road Rash is on its way to a store near you!

If you do the latter, your opponents will do the same to you during the next race that takes place. There are five tracks available per level.

The game will feature three modes of two-player competition. Two-player games feature a cool split screen layout. Do you prefer the Windows version or the original Amiga version?

You're again racing for money on a lightning-quick motorcycle, jostling up against some seriously mean dudes while trying to advance into successive levels by qualifying in win, place, or show. This is the nastiest and baddest Road Rash ever. Road rash is one of the awesome game in the world its graphics is amazing and thank you for sharing this blog.

Game Review

On the title screen push up on the D pad, hold down button A and C then press start. Features of Road Rash Following are the main features of Road Rash that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System. The new tracks, hot game play, and two-player competitive play clearly set this apart from its predecessor. Time to get nasty with a sequel to one of the coolest thrasher games ever to come onto the Genesis. It's equally critical that you kick, punch, club, and now, chain-whip your way up through the crowd, too!

Road Rash Free Download

Browse games Game Portals. It is full and complete game. The damage is not the same regardless of which weapon is used, because each attack produces its own amount of damage.

Road rash a very good racing game. If not, you'll be left in the dust! The races are on linear tracks and you are pitted against other bikers who will attack you and try to knock you off your bike.