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He can act, he can rap, he can sing. Aiko was born and raised in Ladera Heights, California. He can do no wrong in my eyes. Cole on his tour entitled, Forest Hills Drive Tour.

We are friends and we hang out. Going up the hill, looking back, I thought the world was ending.

He has proven so far that he gets it. And I found this out because she told me. He trusts that I know my vision. Her daughter was unharmed in the accident.

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We like each other as people, so you know, who knows? He died soon after hearing the record. After she officially cut things off with her previous relationship, it was still a timing issue that kept her and Sean from getting to that point as well because he was no longer single. See her actual statements, how the internet took it all in, and what she cleared up below. We have the same sense of humor, very sarcastic and dry.

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Right when I turned around, he goes to hug me and it looks like I totally dissed him.

However, they had already broken up for reasons much bigger than her platonic basketball game outing. Her parents later divorced.

We have the same publisher. On working with producer No I. When writing for her debut studio album, she did the same but recorded while sober. No matter what he puts out, I'm one of those fans.

Check out what she had to say below. Aiko suffered a broken wrist, chipped a tooth and had stitches in her chin. But I can say that there is a person and I hope that we grow to blossom and be everything a beautiful couple can be.

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We ended up having talks about Buddhism and about spirituality and everything was just very compatible. For the most part, I like to not have second thoughts. They put a gun to my head in the kitchen while we laid down.

But, not if Jhene has anything to say about it, which she classily and thoroughly addressed as well. Jhene was also in the middle of a break-up, she added, but because she was technically still a taken woman, she assured that she did not disrespect her relationship. Though Jhene admitted that she had a boyfriend at the time, dating a man with kids the two only went as friends.

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