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This deserves a category of its own. Every connector, adapter, conductive rubber tube and clip can be found here. Very well stocked, and lots of thought has gone into the items for sale. Why resort to a plain black heal when you can make your pathetic slave whimper at the thought of a mid calf referee sport boot? Great leather and rubber goods.

That pollution not only impacts climate change, but also serious health issues like asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary disease, and lowers our resistance to infections. Dress your bitch slave up in style!

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Features the awesome Maskulo line. We particularly like the live shows on Boundgods. Gear Berlin and Gear London. Based in Palm Springs and will ship worldwide.

We really want to try the Mr Universe plugs. Make sure your package is up to the minute. Check whether your activities are legal, with extensive guides from The Spanner Trust. It has good power and lots of interactivity.

These works of art can withstand extreme variations of temperature and environment. World renowned for custom artwork and hard to find genital adornments.

They do however stock some really hot lingerie and great value fetish gear and a nice line in affordable fucking machines. Squeezing, pulsing, gripping, teasing and nobbly, the tenga devices are a uniquely plastic and synthetic blowjob cum wank cum experience.

Overbooked by a major American airline and stuck in London? Options include a pigskin bound contract book with a key. The sales assistants are hot.

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Some dark and depraved stock! Glow in the dark bondage rope, in a variety of colors. Check out the boxer briefs with incorporated butt plug.

Perfect for your velvet lined and pristine purple bondage boudoir. Not for the faint hearted! Free membership and often quite busy with fetishists from around the world. They belong in The Louvre. Sounds, and butt plugs are also on offer.

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Ideal to create your fantasy sex playroom. We particularly liked the exposed leg binder. In deeply sexual ways, often involving strapons and thundering handslaps.

Ideal for all those last minute those spiky ball crushing scenario requirements. We particularly like the bondage walls, with padding and multiple points of interest for attachments. See what Soho has to offer. Mistress Desdemona really likes the finger scratchers for her Grace Jones ish dominatrix parties. The items here are extreme!

Perfect inside and outside, if you dare. Hundreds of slippery options available.

Very well built, and built to last. We really like the powerful Svakom range of vibrators. Many body styles and male and female options. Holidays, trips, events and socializing Flight delayed from Heathrow? Free shipping offers in North America.

We like the sound of that! Some unique and interesting items as well as bestsellers. They also offer free worldwide shipping.

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We particularly like the Finland Boll. Very strong on rubber, sivaji ganesan movie raja online dating leather and custom clothing.

If you want something to make a cenobite from Hellbound Hellraiser hard for you, this is the shop. These dolls feature custom eyebrows, bespoke freckles, removable cocks, and endless variations of pubic hair.

Based in Birmingham, England, but ships worldwide. Very helpful customer support. Stocks a wide variety of aromas. Considerable attention to detail here.

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