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The chances were pretty good, I guess. The problem is that the likelihood of a successful pairing decreases quadratically with the pickiness of the participants. It meant leaving my whole life behind, Brooklyn, my friends, and a relationship with a woman I cared about. Disgusted, I set the model to aimlessly auto-browse profile information overnight, and left the lab.

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Toward the end of the night, walking her home past familiar brownstones, I realized she lived on my street, two blocks down. Outed, I explained myself to my date. The next day I woke up and found that everything had changed. The first night I ran the algorithm on his profile, he received more visits than he had in months, uniform dating chat and his first unsolicited message ever.

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Since it uses a sophisticated matching algorithm it could help almost anyone find their ideal match. Obviously, I kept my bot a secret from my dates. After that, my romantic life changed. Apparently, nurses have a thing for me. After orientation, I got to work finding a warm body.

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