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In short, the unit sounds nice. Hey Ronald Hope everything is ok with you man.

Good luck with your future plans. Hi, this is would be our last meet. The emphasis can be cool if that's what you're after for a particular application, but if you are looking for something more even in its dynamic response, this isn't would I'd personally go for. Oh no, not close to studio devil. Download links are the same.

Very suttle, but perfect for mastering. Now if my original Voxbox dies, I'll have a backup, and now it's in my travel template. These are some cool plugs. It's basically all you need to make a vocal sit perfectly in the mix.

The fix freq help their work. Best Regards, ronaldpassion! Is this the same bug that was in the other plug-ins? Doesn't transform poor mixes to something magical but will put some sparkle on an already good mix.

Ronald Passion

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Great, a unison channel strip with built-in de-esser, I've been thinking this was wanting. When i change bass preamp settings, sound stops in that track. It even sounds good with guitar and drums as well. It makes more sense to make it user adjustable.

However, I find the de-esser is not very effective. Regarding bass preamp Thanx, ronaldpassion.

Latest news All Effect plugins Instrument plugins Patches and sound banks Sales and promotions Samples and sound libraries. Ronald, man, before you go just please let us have the preset save fix, without it your great plugins are pretty much useless one last effort before the departure.

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Ronald Passion

If possible, please solve the savings on Massive Passive. The filters are fantastic and sound exactly like the hardware. Since i just learn since december, that is the best i can do. In my opinion they haven't achieved this, but those clever chaps at Universal Audio can't do it, I guess it's impossible.

Overall I am very impressed with this plug-in and now a proud owner of both the hardware and software. No mean feat when you consider that it is a complex, multi-function unit. The preamp section of this thing is insane.

This plugin doesn't solve my esses, I still have to use an insert for that purpose. The De Esser is crazy good.

New version has additional frequency settings same download link below. Ron, your massive passive sounds great. From a compression point of view it does exactly what the hardware version does, but without the magic. But eventually I tried it out on a project I'm working on right now, and maaan this was spot on! It differents from usual Digital Parametric Eq.

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And often an instance on the master as well. Nice work and thank you for this versatile eq! Keep em coming, I still need the Chandler Curve Bender. This godzilla esque eq shocked the world when it first entered the hardware realm with its organic, larger-than-life component network of sound and now it is happening again with software. Harness complex band interaction and tube amp distortion for organic, musical textures.

Haven't used the hardware, so this is a virgin opinion. It behaves and sounds exactly like the hardware. Do any of these work on Midi files Im looking for a guitar amp to use on a midi file like ezDrummer does, if you know what i meam. Hi Ronald, I have same problem with Reaper.

The top end adds sizzle without being harsh. There is barely a noticeable difference when engaging it.

The de-esser is smooth and very effective in my experience, I have not found a de-esser plugin that sounds as natural as this one. Will let you know what I think after I test them all. Page updated with Digital Parametric Equalizer. Thaks Ron I look foward for your next plugin. Then if try to delete it, reaper goes crazy Hope you can fix it soon, i love this plug in Thank you for your great job.

It's the unrivaled champion of Equalizers. The cab is definitely usable. Getting the vocals sounding and sitting properly in the mix has never been as simple unless you had the original hardware unit of course. Oh Yeah, did I mention it sounds stunning. Still waiting for the unison channel strip with de-essing.

Well back to rehab after the VoxBox and Ampeg purchase! First of all I thank you for sharing this work. Now my studio and travel setup match perfectly. No more New York compression thru extra busses with time consuming phase issues to solve or counterintuitive work arounds.

Use the Manley Variable Mu plug-in to add definition and fidelity to individual tracks, stereo buses, or an entire mix. Either way you're gonna take this money, cause I can't go on living without my Manley Voxbox. The Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor plug-in can be used on single instruments, the script we cry mp3 or on subgroups like strings or horns. Why do I Demo these plugins?

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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

People must be vigilant about backing up their files into several types on media. This is one of those pieces. Select between standard and mastering version with stepped bandwidth controls. Pushed hard, the effect can be fatiguing and becomes an issue that I'd usually be compelled to compensate for. Thank you so much for this work man!