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The film's distribution rights was bought by Sri Thenandal Films. Lawrence's performance as Raghava is plastic, however, as Kaali, he scores. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions. It makes you feeling fear and at the same time fascinating because no one knows what is on the other side of darkness.

Spacey, and disturbing electronic music track. Raghav plays quintessential massy hero, a timid boy and possessed guy with aplomb. All of a sudden weather changes and they use the nails to nail the picnic mat. The film features himself in the lead role, with as the title character, and in other roles.

Rest of the film shows Ganesh being possessed by him and taking revenge. Then on next day, the whole family goes to the temple on their arrival, the Aghoris who are performing pooja feel something unnatural hence they called the family forward. Lawrence doesn't spare even a single person in the film. You get confused if you are watching a film or a Raghava Lawrence speech in a stage.

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He is usually terrified of ghosts. While on the trip to Coimbatore they stop in the middle of the field to have some food. Nightmares and ghosts appearing in delirium serious illness depress consciousness and cause a state of panic and despair. Produced by Sun Pictures, the fourth film in the Muni series.

Eventually the ghost does take revenge, with a few obstacles. Raghava Lawrence's ultimate transformation into a ghost - new teaser. Nandini now possessed as Ganga influences Shiva's ghost, to be sent into Raghava. Aghori comes to their house, inspect the house and tells them that everything is fine. Modern instruments alternate with the phase modulation, making a sense of mental imbalance of this cyclical track.

This is his first horror film and he acted superbly in that. Horror background music Royalty free horror background music samples for video production purpose. The background music by Thaman is loud, but at the same time, has some good intense scores. There are some of the tragic notes is the first part of this background track, giving the inevitability and hopelessness of subsequent events.

Dark and somber walking of unknown creatures with creepy violins is complemented by mystery sound effects. International B usiness Times. When somebody or something does scare him at home, he immediately jumps on his mum's Kovai Sarala hip.

The three-hour-long film, thankfully, ends at some point. International Business Times. Sreedhar Pillai, Firstpost.

When Raghava possessed as Shiva kills Marudhu's brother, he comes to know that a spirit killed him. Has the film lived up to its expectations and does it happen to be a fulfilling entertainer? Nithya Menon who plays physically challenged girl was successful in evoking required strong emotions during various stages of her character. Ganga is a handicap, but Shiva loves her very much.

Raghava Lawrence is basically a choreographer who is also an actor and singer. Are these ghosts able to seek revenge? Then his family arranges a ghost expert to get the ghost out of him.

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Acceptable for the scoring of war episodes, sports, martial arts. Now that's a line that sends chills down your spine. This is where the ghost tells them who they are.

Though the impact isn't that great, as the first part of the Kanchana series, it does sound to be a pacifying factor. Kanchana simply known as Kanchana is a written, produced and directed by as a sequel to his previous venture, and the second film in the installment of. For example, the intermission sequence does look quite decent, as it is the same scene which we saw in Kanchana. In the final part, popular screensavers pc the wind waves carry all horror away to the darkness.

Kanchana Background Music

Excellent screenplay Raghav Lawrence sir! The film revolves around Raghava, who is scared to venture outside gets possessed by a ghost and starts behaving weirdly. The environment does not allow relaxing for a moment, surrounding with different unpleasant surprises.

Even if is a less horror movie it is very entertaining and Kaalis acting is awesome. Please turn off your ad blocker in order to continue. Ideal for creating a mystical atmosphere.