Jab We Met Yeh Ishq Hai Video Songs

This song is sung by one of the most famous female singers Shreya Ghosal by the music direction of Pritam and lyrics is given by Irshad Kamil. But with Nexus Radio the only settings you have to worry about are where you want to save your files and what file type you want to save it as. Hua hai teri raahon mein aakar pucho na pucha na.

Yeh Ishq Hai Lyrics

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Yeh Ishq Hai Lyrics Translation


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Yeh Ishq Haye

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Yeh Ishq Hai Lyrics - Jab We Met

Yeh Ishq Haye Lyrics - Jab We Met - Shreya Ghoshal

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Yeh Ishq Hai Lyrics Translation


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