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Everything is about music, and its almost impossible to agree on music taste. The only complaints I actually have are those that seem selfish. They break them, you walk.

Musicians are selfish infants who cant wrap their head around the fact that there is a world beyond and outside their own egos. As someone stated above, he seems very sexually charged on stage, but not that interested in pleasuring me or being very interested in sex. There will be people who will like his music and most of them are going to be single women.

All of the people I thought were my friends swoon over his love poems and music and could care less what he did to me. It is possible to have a long distance relationship, but it is Hell just take my advice, and you will suffer less anguish over thinking someone is cheating on you. They are sensitive, sweet, and know exactly what they are doing.

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It may seem like just another day at the office for your guy, but time with his band is everything he needs to get to where he wants to be. So maybe I can give some pointers on how to successfully date a musician, since, yes, life is all about music and nothing else. Accept he has had relationships before you and let him use those experiences to create his art.

Probably so he can flirt with girls. Find a happy medium in long distance communication. When the time comes for him to pen a love song for you, be honored to be an inspiration and show him you appreciate his thought.

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And this is true even if your beau is a trucker or a doctor or a florist. We broke up and guess what? He has a small local following.

My boyfriend would hate it if I actually liked their music. My husband is a coach, and he hates all music but Metallica, yet while we were dating I did manage to drag him to a lot of artsy strange music events I was past my Goth band stage by then. His new album is coming out and all the songs are about her, but she is not interested in dating her. Girls want to date musicians because they are sexually attractive, sexually charged, dating iframe properties and seem like they would be dynamite in the sack.

Did he get it, no, not really. You can help do makeup, create costumes and build sets. Allow him to feel his emotions to the fullest.

But be sure to chat with them at least once about this issue, in case they are clueless, and establish some ground rules. And there are not any groupies. So I often wonder if, on a much larger scale, this phenomenon might be true. You have to get the right one, just like with any other guy. They need to maintain status quo, be part of the in crowd, be Facebook friends with the cool band people.