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If you take the words of a case literally, you will not understand it entirely a good example of this is the Declaration of Independence. In contrast, Mattel is independently notable and quite rightly the subject of its own article, which ought to be expanded, not redirected to an article that is only tangentially related to it. Nevertheless, it has a separate article. But also, in part, because in that case Ali simply brought up a real issue of law respecting the contours of the law of conscientious objection in the United States.

The court case is notable enough on its own. Hoffman, who had not given permission, sued under the Lanham Act and for violation of his right to publicity. Select singles in the Format field. And that is the basic point that you miss here. No guardian angels or other supernatural beings required.

Select Platinum in the Certification field. The Court case is about the song, without the song there is no court case. Pleas e see and fix the problem.

Barbie Girl

It is Aqua's most popular work. This is how the merged article looks like and it seems perfectly okay by me. Since the lawsuit has been settled, it is very unlikely that any new information will come up in the near future even if that was the case, a merge can easily be undone. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. They will study it to learn about trademark law.

Barbie Girl Aqua Download Musica Tori V Rap Remake

Editing of article does not depend on guardian angels, and I'm surprised to hear that claim. Ask questions, get answers. All songs are fantastic good album every one should have it.

What about the Norwegian Barbie Girl song? So great that you've uploaded Barbie soundtracks, oregon trail video game and I would like to see if you post more Barbie soundtracks. Its so fantastic and unique Barbie cartoon is my best cartoon ever.

However, as we've already observed, see pp. You have not made any convincing case why that is so. Aquarium Aquarius Megalomania.

I Am A Barbie Song Download

The Mattel article in its current form is missing a lot, that's true. That's just not how it goes. This album is really usefull.

Im A Barbie Girl Video Music Download - WOMUSIC

Im A Barbie Girl Video Music Download - WOMUSIC

Barbie Girl is not purely commercial speech, and is therefore fully protected. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Barbie Girl article. But the songs are more awksome than da movie. Your position is that the encyclopedia is improved by sending a reader interested in a case about trademark law to an article about a pop song. That doesn't mean there's not more to add to the article.

The case is pretty notable on its own. This article has been rated as Low-importance on the project's importance scale. First, pardon the delay in responding here. Library and Archives Canada. Getting the last word is not the same as getting consensus.

There are plenty of articles where the subject of the article is concluded, and it continues to get edits. So I gave an excellent rating because I obviously love the songs.

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The distinctiveness of the mark is diminished if the mark no longer brings to mind the senior user alone. The following discussion is closed. At the request of one of the bill's sponsors, the section-by-section analysis was printed in the Congressional Record. It refers to a use of a famous and distinctive mark to sell goods other than those produced or authorized by the mark's owner. Put new text under old text.

Every soundtrack is gave a new spirit for us and have they meaning one another. Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. Neither article is overly short. Dilutive uses are prohibited unless they fall within one of the three statutory exemptions discussed below.

Will they make up their minds? First, depending on the strength and distinctiveness of the mark, trademark law grants relief only against uses that are likely to confuse. It's only to note that they are different, and are better served by remaining separate.

Starting a discussing would be rather pointless because Mattel v. The advertisement starred Melissa Tkautz and Sam Kekovich. Please take a moment to review my edit.

Why it is not in the article? People who use file-sharing sites should not be able to edit Wikipedia's music articles.

He interprets the song as criticism of today's beauty ideals. Your scouting around for other potential merge targets is off the mark, too. As such, the lyrics drew the ire of Barbie's corporate owners, and a lawsuit was filed by Mattel. When requesting whitelisting, be sure to supply the link to be whitelisted and wrap the link in nowiki tags. That the lawsuit is concluded is irrelevant.

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Oh Baby Girl Mp3 Song download from Maalai Pozhuthin