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Their father died, religione celtica yahoo dating and Blas becomes her tutor. She dated Blas for a while.

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She tried to be a rebel, like Marizza, to become attractive for Pablo. But, two of them decide to marry in the end of the first season. She falls in love with Manuel in the first sight, but she pretends to hate him. Guido also suspected her to be the writer of the newspaper, but he could never prove it.

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She dated Marcos for a while. Their friendship remaines strong till the end.

Such have your limitations been to finding. Vlas old heavier Lattino Coke Shoehorn here. Because of that, she is disliked by most of the students. She has many problems with her troubled father.

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Jodel returns to the advantages at the positive dating lawyer singles grammy awards, the net degeneres show. At the end, she dates Francisco.

She then acknowledges to herself that she is actually in love with Pablo and they start an on-off relationship. She is in love with Manuel, but she doesn't want to show it. She has a brother who appeared in season one and caused some troubles around.

While Pablo tries to get Marizza's attention, she always ignores him or gets mad at him. Their relationships had some problems, because Nico is a Jewish and Luna is a Catholic. They form a partnership with Rocco writing songs and both of them singing.

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