Dasavatharam Movie Songs

Govind gets an idea from some drainage workers to immerse the virus in a large quantity of salt to destroy it. After Govind attempts to persuade the receivers of the package carrying the virus, one of the elephants in the temple is inadvertently freed and goes mad. The background music in the second half consisted of extensive usage of violins and chorus and the entire score for the film was recorded over a period of one month, in Chennai. To compensate that, he had to rest and take fluids using a straw and at the same time, refrain from making movement in the facial muscles to make sure that it was not disturbed.

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Jeeva was initially announced as the cinematographer of the film, and he had taken over the role for a day of the shooting. This conflict was between worshipers of Bhagwan Shri Shiv and Bhagwan Shri Vishnu - with devotees of the latter being put to death. An Indian Tamil pop singer. Ravikumar accepted the offer.

For the film, see Dasavatharam film. Clearly, this is not a kind of movie that Kamal makes. This movie shows efforts of Kamal trying real hard to take Tamil cinema to the next level without losing its commercial value. Kamal's hard work and perseverance is evident throughout the movie and that works good for the movie. Though there are no duets here, youtube facebook the songs themselves could become hits if the storyline packs a punch.

Govind tries to sneak the vial out of the lab in order to save the vial from Sethu's evil plan, but is pursued by the security guard and the police. Govind flees to his friend and coworker Suresh's house for refuge, who secretly betrays him.

In the chaos, the elephant gets hold of Jasmine and throws her. Filmography Discography Unrealized projects Awards and honors. Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal, Venkatesh Daggubati. Andal, Govind and Narahazi get into a boat.

Dasavatharam movie songs

After relief measures are taken, Andal argues that god had sent forth the tsunami to get rid of the weapon. Kamal Haasan, Sukanya, Manisha Koirala.

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It took nine hours to implement the make-up and it failed to stay for a long period of time. Fletcher opens and swallows the virus. Kamal Haasan, Jyothika, Prakash Raj. Fletcher follows him, after getting a cab, along with Jasmine. Ranjitha Kaur as Jayapradha.

Dasavatharam movie songsDasavatharam movie songs

If one looks closely, Govindarajan is holding his Nokia the wrong way - the screen is visible toward the camera. However he opted out of the project owing schedule clashes. Manoranjan, a superstar, is counting his last days due to brain tumor.

How he goes about his final wish of doing a comedy film with his mentor Margadarsi forms the crux of the story. The vial accidentally reaches India, and he must race against time to prevent a potential disaster. But, yes apart for a few shortcomings to give commercial value the film lives up to its expectations. From start to finish there is a severe decibel assault aided and abetted by Himesh Reshammiya.

Bush invests heavily in biological research but things get out of control when a vial containing a deadly chemical is inadvertently dispatched via courier to Tamil Nadu, India. Krishnaveni arrives and cries after perceiving Poovaragan as her long-lost son.

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There are few times when you actually think whether some of the characters are necessary. Govind manages to jump into another apartment's window and escapes the building before the apartment is firebombed.


Somaiyya, narrates from a stadium a tale of religious conflict in India - even before the appearance of Jesus and Allah. Kamal was set to play ten different roles in the film, making it the first time that an actor has appeared in so many roles in world cinema.

Knowing that her injuries are too fatal, Fletcher shoots her. The Chennai Corporation had given the producer special permission to hold five shows daily, which helped the film to garner the extraordinary opening. Why can't they just go through the tower? Avatar finishes his last performance and discovers the blunder, only to get shot by Fletcher after having a row. Fletcher follows them and takes Andal and the Muslim family hostage in their house, from where Govind is blackmailed to bring back the box he is carrying.

Learn more More Like This. However, the shots taken by him did not appear in the film and Ravi Varman became the director of photography. Ram Kamal Haasan is a playboy pilot.

The Hindi version Dashavtar had an unusually high prints in North India. With no choice, he reaches the place, only to discover that Avatar must have the weapon. He meets pop singer Avatar Singh, who is also there for treatment of his throat cancer. Bio-scientist Govindarajan Ramaswamy speaks at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium about chaos theory and the butterfly effect. Kamal Haasan, Abhirami, Pasupathy.

Once again, Kamal fails to attract Tamil audiences with his own script. Using her as a translator, Fletcher threatens Govind and takes him away in a jeep with a police officer.