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Human life seems a matter merely of desire-fulfillment, but the very basis for strong evaluation, for there being desires or goals which are intrinsically worth fulfilling, seems missing. Descartes turns inward, looking not for God but for intellectual certainty and moral dignity. And reason was understood, not as inward calculation or cognition, but as a vision of cosmic order. Yet this variation does not lead him to deny the idea of a universal and unchanging human nature.

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Meaning and morality

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The second moral axis refers to beliefs about the kind of life that is worth living, beliefs that permeate our choices and actions in our day to day existence. Personal experience, the resonance of experience on our feelings and the creation of understanding through expression have become integral aspects of the modern identity. Indeed, he is often described as bridging the gap between analytic or Anglo-American and Continental styles of philosophy.

How has selfhood changed over time? Conversion, after all, is a fundamental change in the self, usually taking the form of new relationship to God, the world, and the community. Rousseau, however, articulated a view in which the natural inclinations of the self were hidden deep within, barely apprehendable, and corrupted by the beliefs and reason of society. Taylor has been dubbed a communitarian for emphasizing the social nature of selfhood and the obligations that individuals have to the communities in which they live. The intelligible and spiritual world of God, however, was only made manifest when we attune to the light within us, the light of our God given soul.

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Taylor responds to this objection by discussing identity. In brief, the transition the Taylor describes is from an external sense of the self to an interior sense of the self. Spirit, which, according to Taylor encapsulated the warrior ethic, was subordinated to reason. Taking a historical perspective, hearts dating sites Taylor showed that several strands and sources have gone into making the modern identity.

The constitutive good for Aristotle, the good that underpinned all life goods, was the flourishing happiness Eudaimonia of both the individual, and of the society. And fortunately, unlike Hegel, he writes lucid prose.

Rather, Taylor asks what the conditions were within which the sources of the modern identity arose. The following is a brief outline of some of the moral sources that Taylor discussed. He finds that the moral sources of the modern self are multiple and in conflict, that hypergoods may themselves conflict or that their pursuit may end in mutilation. The best account of human life, Taylor argues, must account for the moral sources that orient our lives.

Sources of the Self Summary

It may be that my moral heroes, Godwin and Bentham. For utilitarians and also followers of Kant, provide an answer to these questions in terms of how we calculate the outcome of our acts and for Kantians the motives behind our actions. In Kantian terms this is calculated in terms of reasoning towards moral maxims that would be universally acceptable.