Alvida then entered an alliance with the Buggy Pirates after Alvida saved their captain, Buggy. The three named members of the crew and Koby find Luffy in the wine storage when the latter breaks out of a barrel he took a nap in and which Koby had just rolled to the storage. Rameez asks him if he can stay with Haya for sometime in the hospital as he has to go back home.

He tells Haya that he has finished off her balance on her phone and would take it with him. However, the skull is depicted from the side and has a pink heart on it. Fareesa is given the job of looking after the baby. Hadi is satisfied and promises Haya for a more happy and peaceful life ahead and they decide marry and to live happy life with Saadi Uroosa and Hadi's son.

The music is a label of Momina Duraid Productions. Hadi reaches the hospital immediately. After overhearing Koby's claim that he would join the Marines and arrest Alvida, she appeared and smashed his boat.

It gathered great acclaim for the acting of the stars respectively. During her former self, the mace simply kills or injures on impact, a fact for which her crew fears her. Hadi holds himself responsible for Uroosa's death as he was the one operating on her.

She and Cabaji watched as Buggy attempted to execute Luffy, and expressed slight disappointment when she thought Luffy could not escape from the situation. Hadi in a fit of rage slaps Fareesa. She wore rings on her fingers and her long sharp fingernails had red polish. Rameez asks her that does she think that he is a fool.

He says that it's not about him and Fareesa it's about Haya and Rameez. Since Luffy was the first man to defeat her, Alvida became quite infatuated with him.

Rameez has a pistol in his hand and is pointing it towards Hadi. She had a purple sash with a flintlock pistol tucked in it and some jewels.

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He asks her to make lunch and breakfast for him. It's the first of very few Jolly Rogers in One Piece on which the skull is seen in profile. She helped Buggy in the attempt to execute Luffy, but failed once more. Hadi reaches the building. He chases Haya in the house when a sofa drops on his foot and he's hurt and when he catches Haya she accidentally hits him with a knife that injures his hand.

Hadi tells Haya that now she is not alone, she has a husband, she should think about Rameez. When Haya and Rameez reach back home, Rameez tells her that how he had always wished for a house in which his beautiful wife and he would cook food for themselves together. She was the acting captain of the crew during Buggy's time in Impel Down and during the Battle of Marineford. She has also taken to using her flintlock.

Buggy then showed Alvida the recently acquired treasure mark of Captain John, which left Alvida stunned and wondering how he got it. The crew fights Luffy first and is defeated before Alvida. Alvida in One Piece Thousand Storm. Also, being able to wield it with ease, nuro software means that at the very least she is above a normal human in terms of physical strength. After a while Rameez leaves.

Another advantage granted is that it changed her into a much slimmer physique, losing her previous obesity and granting her beauty that many would fall for. He says no he just wants her to leave and live with her husband. He has also disconnected landline and internet connection and anyway by which she could communicate with anyone.

She agrees while leaving unnoticed Hadi sleep. Alvida's wanted poster with her original appearance. Alvida before eating her devil fruit in the Digitally Colored Manga. But her pulse revives and she starts breathing. Her Tayee in shock talks to Haya and says that I wonder how he agreed on taking cases once again.

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Hadi and Haya's Taya Hadi's father are seen discussing the situation which Haya is facing. Haya is found to be pregnant but her Tayee, Taya and Hadi force her to live with them and leave Rameez.

Luffy then knocked Alvida out with a Gomu Gomu no Pistol. Hadi starts blaming himself for his wife's death. While the crew fights on the passenger liner, Nami is able to get on their ship unseen and steal their treasure after defeating an unnamed crew man by kicking him in the crotch.

Sometime later, Buggy entered a Marine garrison thinking it was another cave with Captain John's treasure, and was captured and taken to Impel Down. She thinks that he is coming back for her but actually Hadi is coming back for Uroosa Naveen Waqar who he loves. Hadi is a successful and famous gynecologist. This group is one of the few pirate crews that is not described in detail and is only featured in one chapter.

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In a heated argument, Fareesa says to Hadi that even if he thinks of divorcing her she will destroy Haya's life. Hadi constantly tries to persuade Haya not to marry Rameez, as he thinks Rameez is not the perfect man for her. They were the first enemy pirates Luffy was seen to encounter. Haya and Hadi's friendship rekindles and they talk with each other like they were before.

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He shows her pictures that he took of her and Hadi in hospital. When Hadi and Haya are in the hospital's room, Rameez takes a few pictures of them through a small window of the room. In the anime the crew captures a passenger liner and the events take place in the storage of the ship and on board. She still wears lipstick, polish on her now shorter fingernails, and her toenails are shown painted as well something that before was not visible before due to her shoes. She meets her colleague Rameez Zahid Ahmed.

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Goodbye was a Pakistani romantic drama serial. Later, some of her subordinates unintentionally saved Luffy from a watery death and, when she overheard Luffy exclaim about his nap, she barged into the building, thinking it was one of her men.

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In the manga the Alvida Pirates are seen cleaning the Miss Love Duck which is docked at an island that can be assumed to be the crew's secret base. Disliking filth and laziness, her crew was forced to clean the entire deck of her ship. When Hadi finds out about Haya's friendship with Rameez, he is jealous and tells her to never talk to Rameez again. Rameez goes to Haya's house to talk about his and Haya's marriage. He reaches the house but the door is locked.