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You know how you listen to songs and you reminisce about where you were when you first heard it? Bounce Out With That Remix. He might sound like he's always on the verge of weeping, but Adamn Killa shouldn't have much to cry about. Introspection Late Night Partying. They be more gangster than some of these rappers.

Cordae is far and away the most lyrically proficient of the bunch, with meticulously crafted lyrical Venn diagrams and a natural way about his storytelling. Did you guys have a hard time working with each other and deciding what ultimately made the tape? To a lesser degree, there are hints of N.

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It's not often we're gifted an artist who possesses both a stunning flow and an astounding vocal range, which is why Trippie Redd is a rapper to hold on to. In every challenge there is opportunity.

Chief Keef Almighty So (Hosted By DJ Scream) The Mixtape Mafia

It doesn't mean anything or piss to him, literally. This is a great thing for Machine Gun Kelly.

Chief Keef ran into some icebergs with Bang Pt. At the end of the day, I said what I said. Most of them we figured to just put them on there because we haven't dropped a lot of music recently. This is rap music for the serious listener, the one who couldn't look past the inherently fleeting nature of SoundCloud rappers.

Cole Bennett pressed me to hear it a few weeks ago. The tape is dotted with lackluster tracks, a few of which are under two minutes in length. That's what we're trying to create.

Keef would be well advised to switch his style up. Yeah, I guess they say I'm hard to deal with. This is what Eminem does with beef. Do you have a tough time moving past the relationship drama with Blac Chyna and turning people's attention toward your music?

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No wonder why LeBron and Jay-Z can't shut up about him. The majority of my shit is written. Keef burst onto the scene as the face of an exciting new sound, but has since found his peers easily surpassing him with each subsequent release.

The same qualities that were present on his last mixtape reappear on Almighty So. Sosa needs a new studio album soon, because these lousy mixtapes are already growing old. The Mixtape is a document of both rare, the physical universe frank shu raw talent and a group still trying on different styles as they hone their powers.

Who knows if Chief Keef even saw it coming? Regardless of his fate and all the baggage that comes with him, Tay-K forced his way into the cultural conversation, with only the biggest skeptics thinking about questioning his talent.

Digital download, streaming. The tension is so palpable that we couldn't help but look over our shoulders every now and again while listening. The intro has Jay and Nahmir storytelling so I came in with the storytelling as well. The novelty has long since worn off. The fit is a straight-up dream.

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Thankfully the beats were banging, or else this mixtape would have been a lot worse. Injury Reserve killed it this year. Mac Miller's Swimming too. Looking for some tight, solid bars? In he was featured on several hit songs by other rappers.

One of the crew's best releases of the year came way back in January from Kodie Shane. On this tape, Rico inhabits her alter-ego, Tacobella, leading to a delicious rush of bubblegum bliss, with seams and jagged edges that remind us this is anything but a soulless pop confection. Before we perform, I want to sightsee in every city we go to.

Poor mixing and sloppy delivery continue to cloud the highlights. Electronic Folk International. View this post on Instagram.

It's like a brotherhood outside of music and everything has been organic. After two consecutive let-down mixtapes, I'm hoping a new studio album is his next move. Over the course of this hour-long mixtape, these three rappers collect some of the best moments from their rise to fame, including their hits and other tracks that define their individual styles.

That he makes it all sound both so easy and so invigorating is his greatest trick of all. Looking back now, I wouldn't have said that on camera. We listened to all the music and then decided what we really wanted to be on there.

Whose side are you taking for this Nicki Minaj versus Cardi B feud? It fit really well on the mixtape.

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